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Hey whats up guys greetings of the year we have compiled some essential apps from 2016 to get you started with 2017 if you feel your favorite apps have been left out also leave your suggestions down below for upcoming post and without any further ado let’s begin

News 360

first up is the news 360 .this is a personalized news app here you have all the news and articles based on topics we have chosen you can tap and hold on any topic for these options while reading any news article you can swipe left or right to navigate from options you can change font size and back as well swiping from the left will give you all the selected topics and you can also change the range at topics like art music technology photography science and so on or you can search for a new topic and added to reading list as well from settings you can choose a location for the news so that you can get news according to it notification options night mode and other options as well you also get widgets doing all the highlights so a great after stay updated on great affairs with a very intuitive ui


Macro droid

That makes our list is a macro droid this is a powerful automation have allowed you to perform different actions you can give different conditions to your phone and the phone will take action accordingly which is called a macro in this app over here I have my conditions like when the battery is below thirty percent the phone automatically decreases brightness and switches to a promoter to add new condition tap here and select the trigger from the given list here you get a huge list automated device like say when my headphones are connected want my device to dim the display switched to silent mode for this I can choose the option called insert headphones or removed first I will program for insert options here’s a list of action first I’ll

  • First, i’ll choose control media to simulate media button
  • Play and pause
  • And since I also want to do my display I will choose my brightness action as well said the value and hit ok
  • Once that’s done I also want my food to switch to silent mode.
  • I’ll be choosing vibrate and enable and choose vibrate when ringing on

Now if I connect my headphones my music is automatically playing right this is degrees as well as the film in vibration mode quite interesting you can even add certain restrictions to the actions you just defined, for example, I don’t want this action to happen if the battery level is below thirty percent or while I’m roaming so all in all a great app to make a device perform what you want automatically stripped get better

Swift key

This is by far one of the best keyboard apps from the looks of it you can tell it’s very stylish as well i’ve had areally nice experience this keyboard and the keys are well-spaced and just the typing is awesome with great prediction. From the side body, you can customize the keyboard notice ball resize the keyboard dog which is quite handy for multitasking at number keys just the typing and so much more. Also, you get the option to seem your keyboard talking about the themes we geta wide range of things for your keyboard and you can download more from it owns or what a great keyboard app with lots of customization option

This is by far one of the best keyboard apps with lots of customization options.



Next on our list backdrops this is amongst my favorite wallpaper app with this app you get a variety of wallpapers categorized into different sections like scenery geometry minimal abstract and so let’s browse through scenery wallpaper as you can see we have really nice wallpaper and all the images are really high quality also most of the wallpapers have minimalistic feel to it definitely try this app.


A To Z Camera

Next on our list a to z camera mostly with the default camera app you don’t get the full manual controls with a jersey camera you get all the manual controls with a very simple to use interface.by default all these settings are set to auto and you can tap on any settings and adjusted from here like focus white balance is 0SHUTTER speed and exposures as well you can swipe down for different effectsthe same goes for videos as well.your option for quick view file formatthat is you can save the picture ineither jpg or raw and give a timer.additional features can be unlocked ifyou purchase the full version of theapplication as well. From settings youcan choose resolution photos andvideos exposure and other settings so agreat hour for those who want fullcontrol of your camera.


Kine master

Next up on our list we’ve got a kine master or is it can a master I’m going to pronounce it kind master this post.this is one of the best video editing apps for android you get a simple ui.this is a timeline you can import images or video clips and get started with the editing.select the clip will give you additional tools to edit for images you have crop tool add filters at just the colors and so on.and with the video clips you get more options like video cropping speed control and so on.you can also add various transition effects between two cliffs which really helps to make your video look professional.once that’s done you can play back to clip only left you to have options to undo or redo and have things to your video share export the video and audio option. You can see your tongue man full screen if you have multiple layers.one thing I really love about this app is you can export your video in HD-quality so a great app to edit video



Next, up we’ve got snap seed this is by far one of the best photo editing application and it has very simple UI with all the necessary tools required to edit photos. From here you can access all tools and filters on the tools you have to image when you get options like brightness contrast saturation and so on.simply swipe up and down to choose to do these options and swipe left or right make changes then you have details crop rotate heel which is great for the portraits big net and so much more.one of my favorite thing in this app is a selective tool which allows me to select the area and make adjustments for that particular area only.lower below we’ve got filters that lens blur to give that ok effect hdr escape vintage black and white and so much more.also, you can do further adjustments to the first is supplied from here you can see all the effects applied to the picture.so a great photo editing application everyone should have.

Es file explorer

Mixed up one of the most powerful file explorer es file explorer.this is the best app i will give you for management and with the latest update we get a new look with additional features well with this app you can browse both the system as well as files on the internal memory.it’s a powerful file manager as it can open any kind of file format for an example you might download some zip files and try to open it but you don need a separate the party after and zip it.likewise, es file explorer office built in music player web browser video player and other useful tools as well.one great feature with this app is you can also lock the app just select the app you want to log and get a pattern as simple as that.you have additional support for chrome cast root users hide files and just the support that is opening the files with a gesture memory booster and much more.you also get a widget which is really handy because you can place shortcuts to any of the folders on your home screen your heart has done an in-depth review of all these features.must-have file manager app for everyone


Omni swipe

This app is a great tool to quickly accessed your shortcut recent apps and totals after installation and setup you have to do is swipe from the bottom corners and you can access all the recent apps favorite apps and some useful tools. You can also launch the only side while using apps or play games rearrange the icon on the launch pad tap and hold the app icon and you ‘re good to another ad on with this app is you get a small widget on the site to create a memory from this app you can apply different themes change notification settings and other options as well. So a great after multitasking as you can quickly perform different actions.


Office suit

Next, on our list we have this utility that should not be missed and it’s these are official apps from microsoft you have individual apps for documents presentations and spreadsheets .each app comes with all the tools required for it.like and where that you have all the necessary tools for documents.powerpoint has all the tools for presentation and likewise for excel.basically you’re getting all the features that you get with an extroversion of best microsoft. Office so that wraps up this review guys i hope you found this useful i will be coming with more episodes pretty soon stay tuned for more and you guys have a great day and

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Hey whats up guys greetings of the year we have compiled some essential apps from 2016 to get you started with 2017 if you feel your favorite apps have been left out also leave your suggestions down below for upcoming post and without any further ado let's begin
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