Few Tricks to Extend Phone Battery Life

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These classic battery problems. We want our phones to run longer but every year they get more powerful capable of doing more stuff, it’s easy to overlook the fact that battery technology and capacity has been steadily improving for every little battery bump we get, though we also get more powerful processors brighter higher resolution screens and once you get used to a larger battery you’re apt to just use your phone more aggressively throughout the day we’re in a constant battle balancing convenience against runtime.

So¬† there are few tips to help prolong your phone’s battery

1.Short Screen Timeout

Now this can be annoying when reading through a longer section of tax but the longer your screen stays fully lit the faster your battery drains it shocking the number of people you’ll meet who look at a notification and then just set their phone down without turning off the screen five minutes later the phone takes care of that for them but that was so much time of unnecessary power drain those savages get your display settings and whittle down that time until it’s just mildly infuriating.

2.Low Brightness

keep the screen brightness low auto brightness is convenient but often you can push the brightness a bit lower and still actually see stuff on your display on some phones you can toggle auto brightness from the notification shade but others require a trip to the settings menu again we want to find that razor’s edge balance between frustratingly unusable and barely tolerable but every nit of display output hits your battery harder

3.Stop Background Data

it’s pretty nifty how our phones pull all this information from the internet for us even when we’re not looking at those apps but if we want to maximize the run time we got to put a stop to that you can be really draconian and kill all background usage or you can root out and curb the most defending apps regardless I pretty much always shut down facebook and messenger app.

4.Disabled Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS and Bluetooth

while you’re managing your cell data usage you can also cut out all of your other wireless radios and receivers again these are on as a convenience get in your car and GPS is already on in range of a hotspot Wi-Fi will auto connect but these still draw power when you aren’t using them so brush them off of course there are ways to smart toggle some of this behavior some funds will switch items on based on location or Wi-Fi network and though they never became super popular you can always try out some of those nifty NFC programs the tags which things on and off as you tap and go about your day. but really most people will probably just grumble about having to do this stuff manually until they give up and just take the battery hit for having these radios on all the time we know you are lazy.

5 .Disabled app auto updates

One time my phone got connected to the wifi hotspot and starts updating those outdated bunch of apps which I not even frequently use then I noticed the phone was running warm and you know I lost a small chunk of my battery to a convenience setting it up google play and shut that down.

6.Stop Haptic Feedback

It is fun getting little pulses and vibrations from your phone but that haptic feedback comes from a tiny little motor that steals from your battery ok turning it off probably won’t extend your battery life that much but every little bit helps right.

7.Use Battery saver apps

we’ve got power savers we’ve got resources guys use them maybe you aren’t disciplined enough to manually handle all of these battery saving tips and you just need a broad sort of a setting to hack at your phone’s options for you chances are pretty good that your phone as some kind of mode which will automatically kill performance and screen brightness when your battery gets low well why wait just turn that on now and reap the benefits of a lower power phone resulting in longer battery life.


And there you have it guys some handy tips to rein in performance and extend your Android’s battery. of course in this day and age, our phones are increasingly adapt to proactively serving this information which some of these tips will aggressively disrupt so we really aren’t ever surprised when people opted instead for better charging solutions / trying to minimize their phone usage and of course we want to

hear from you what’s your power management solution how do you balance features against extending runtime.

maybe your strategy can help others use their phones more.

Thanks so much for reading be sure to give us your feedback.



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