Best 20 Apps From 2016 Entering 2017

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Hey what is up guys and in today’s review I’m kicking off the new year by sharing with you guys twenty great apps you should check out to start 2017 before we start out appreciate it if you hit that share button and if you don’t already make sure to subscribe as well

  1. 4note: sticky notes reminder 


The first app on the list is 4 note a sticky notes reminder app have you ever just wanted to quickly jot something down and then forgot about it well that’s where for note comes in handy once you have 4 note installed on your device you just place a widget on your home screen and type whatever it is you want to be reminded of you can further customize that sticky note 24 notes minimalistic UI and whenever you unlock your device you’ll be reminded of whatever you didn’t want to forget

  1. Wallpaper modder

Second up is wallpaper modder this app allows you to quickly make a few changes to your wallpaper you can also adjust the hue saturation brightness contrast and blur of your wallpaper and the cool thing about wallpaper modern is that they didn’t set out to replace your traditional photo editing app rather it’s made to allow you to adjust your wallpapers to your liking   as easily and quickly as possible after you’ve made the desired modifications you can then, of course, apply the edited image as your wallpaper


  1. Quick control panel

Third on the list is quick control panel this is sort of like apple’s own control center except much more customizable you get quick access to some of your more frequently used toggles such as data wi-fi   flashlight and others   and while this is all pretty standard quick control panel has some standout features such as music playback controls app shortcuts and you can even access this from your lock screen not to mention it also has a hint of material design

  1. Doze: for better battery life

Next up is  doze we all know that data is a major battery drainer on our devices when your data is kept on all day each app use resources in the background even when your device is turned off for real-time notifications those aims to help save your battery life by automatically turning your data off when your device has turned off. This allows for not only prolonged the battery life but also longer standby time soon as the screen is turned back on mobile data resumed

  1. Instadict

Moving on we have instant I’m pretty sure you guys have had that moment when you’re reading something on your phone and you stumble upon a word you don’t know with instant dick when that scenario does occur all you have to do is copy the   word you don’t know and then shake your device horizontally to get its definition the definition then appears at the bottom of your display so should not get in the way of whatever you’re doing and this oak park is that this works offline as well which is great

  1. Chrooma keyboard

Coming up next on the list is chroma keyboard. It is based off the google keyboard so it’s very easy to type on and it autocorrected very well and it basically does everything you would want your keyboard to do very well what makes chrome stand out is that it adapts its color based off what app your end so in the youtube app the keyboard is red and settings is white and on twitter it’s blue etc. This just makes moving in between apps on android so much more fluid and more natural as well

  1. Parallel space

Following up chrooma keyboard we have parallel space this app enables you to create and install multiple versions of your current apps once an app has been cloned it works independently from the original version they don’t receive automatic updates so they can unstable alongside the original version.cloning a nap can be useful if you have multiple accounts with the same app say multiple Instagram accounts multiple twitter accounts with   app cloner you can open both accounts simultaneously .things get a bit more exciting when you explore the different themes you can apply to the modern apps

  1. Clip key 

So next up is clip key.clip is a clipboard manager that work in unison with their default or third party keyboard app in order to allow you to paste text your copy to your systems clipboard this app tracks all your previously copied   text and allows you to easily access and paste it wherever you want.

  1. Wall flix

Coming in nine on the list is wall flix so this isn’t quite your traditional wallpaper app instead of regular static wallpapers wall flex is filled with high quality 1080p live wallpapers from specifically for the use of this app wall flix also claimed that these live wallpapers have no battery drain which is a great advantage you can also use your own videos which are real needs

  1. All in one calculator

Halfway through the list is all in one calculator this app is very different from your default calculator app because all one calculator comes with over 50 calculators and unit converters and not to mention it’s packed with a scientific calculator this seems to replace any other calculator app you may need and become the only math app you ever need on your android device

  1. Ampere

Moving on his ampere now  this is a very simple app and that all it does is measure the charging and discharging current of your battery this can come in handy if you want to find the charger that  juices your phone up the fastest

  1. Smart wake


Next is the smart wake like allows you to easily wake your phone without pressing any buttons or touching the phone at all.some of the more notable method of waking your phone this app provides are raised to wake. Face week and air control which is just turning your device on and off by waving your hand over the top of the phone. There are many other methods of waking your phone aside from the three I just mentioned so definitely check this app out

  1. Brave browser: fast adblock

The brave browser is a very clean and simple web browser that runs like chrome except that what makes brave stand out is that has a built in ad blocker which is very very useful.brave also claims to reduce battery and data consumption by speeding your phone up to 2 to 4 times

  1. Radon: share using ultrasound


The next  app is radon which allows you to share basically anything you want to other devices using ultrasound technology anyway getting this up and running is very simple as long as two devices have the app open   you’re able to share whatever it is you wanted to share even -if your device is missing something NFC radon was still worked because it uses the sensors your device already has also you aren’t restricted to share with one other person only you can show everyone as long as everyone has the radon app open on their device

  1. Khan academy

Next, we have khan academy which allows you to learn almost everything for free the app is over 10,000 videos and explanations which you can access completely for free .aside from learning through videos this app allows you to learn to interactive exercises and in-depth articles.


  1. Texpand 

Following up can khan academy is Texpand.Texpand is a text expansion app that helps you save time by signing shortcuts to frequently use text this works basically every possible keyboard app by google  keyboard swiftkey  and many many more, however, you are limited to 10 expansions with the pre-version if you want unlimited expansions you’ll have to shell out the  99 cents for the pro version


  1. Night mode

Moving on we have night mode so quick lesson the blue light that comes on your smartphone screen can harm your red nose and also reduces the secretion of melatonin which makes it more difficult to fall asleep after staring at your phone for prolonged periods at night night mode aims to help solve this by giving you   six filter colors you can choose from each of these six color filters reduces the blue light from your phone screen and thus helps you sleep better at night


  1. Thermometer

Next is my thermometer which is a very simple app that just use your device’s sensors to give you the temperature of your current environment

  1. Periodic table 2017

So second to last on the list is periodic table 2017 so in chemistry class we all, unfortunately, have to study the table and the normal tables just an eyesore and is a fun to look at all periodic table 2017 help solve that a bit with its clean UI and interactive approach to teaching the periodic table there’s also the added benefit that almost each element has an image and each element has all the info you may need to go alongside that to help study the table

  1. Smart wallpaper

The last appt on the list is smart wallpaper this app is different from all other wallpaper abs and that allows you to change your wallpaper based off of what situation you’re in this ensures that you won’t get bored of looking at the same wallpaper all the time you can set your wallpaper to change based on the weather part of day day of week month and even what wifi network your own or you can just select some wallpapers to rotate through


 That’s about it guys if you enjoyed this video then be sure to leave a share and subscribe because this list just took ages to put together and hope to catch you guys in my next post see you and have a great 2017 guys



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