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You can take amazing photos  but still at times after taking photos you want to give that up give your photos a special touch let’s say using a filter or color splash or using a beauty mode and a lot more so with that in mind here is the list of the top 10 image editing tools that you can install on your android.


Adobe Photo express

When it comes to pcs we all have that adobe photoshop with using that you can do anything and everything to your photos but using Adobe Photo express on your Android you can provide stellar classic filters, crop your photos, remove redeye and also work on the blemish removal if you’re I mean if you are too much conscious about the beauty mode apart from that you also get the option to adjust exposure tent temperature and a lot more. one thing that I like about Photoshop Express is that after you’re done with the editing and once you save your photos it will not have save I mean once you’re done you’ll have the original as well as the edited version.

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And well it is one of those google apps that most of us are not a very know about. snapseed it’s an image editing tool which was later acquired by google because of its amazing image editing skills on the app you can manually adjust the image using various tools that are available you have crop healing 2x extra amazing feature is that selectively adjustment feature using which you can edit images in section so let’s say that you want one part of the image right and you can do that by selecting just that portion and all the other portion will be left untouched apart from that snapseed gives you a lot of frames and filters to work with using that you can transform your photos to a spectacular image.

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Well to be frank this one is for the girls love to take selfies and later on apply some light touch ups before they’re posted on the social network the main strength of this app is its beauty effects mainly acne removal teeth whitening concealer and whatnot it also has a makeup tool to give that auto makeover to the person in the image and well if you have more than one face in an image and one of them is the guy you probably don’t want him with the mascara right well you can off that particular face out of the image editing and from what I think it’s amazing.

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It comes with an amazing editing skills along with the basic features blur, rotate etc .it also includes a portrait mode, painting mode and you can also maintain that tint and a lot more when it comes to image editing and portrait more beautification tools are available like acne removal, skin smoothing, white balance and painting mode enables you to have a painted version of the image with the variety of options to choose from

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I personally like it and this particular app has made a name for itself as one of the top image editing tools for android so one of the major pieces of this particular app is its clean user interface along with the basic option to crop, frame rotate etc we were also able to add a sticker, text and add overlays to your photos. so one of the features that I like about this particular app is its color splash so let’s say that there’s any particular image and you wanted to completely black and white and just one or two colors should be popping out of it well this is the app for you.

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Magic Hour Free

Well this one is a very  basic app and it lets you edit photos in a flow so when I see Flo it means that first of all you’ll be asked to move and scale for those then comes the option to choose a filter and once you’re done with this you can apply till shift and much more not personally speaking I love using this app because it does not require much exploration and everything is pretty much out there in the header now

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VSCO has a user-friendly interface which lets you edit your images in a simpler way, a variety of factors are available along with easy-to-use adjustment tools. The toolbar can be brought off by swiping up pictures of variety of tools available like crop, sharp in, perspective and a lot more so all in all it’s an amazing app and I must say that it’s quite popular because of its clean and user-friendly design

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Toolwiz Photo

As the name suggests it’s like a cabinet for a lot of other filter apps out there so if you need all in one app this is the tool for you along with the usual key features that you would need a photo editor you also get image tuning, blurring, auto-toning etc. it has a special range of effects for filter is like water reflection, face tune, prisma and a lot more you also get a Pro editing tool which has a wide range of tools to further enhance your images.

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Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

And about this app all I need to say is if you want to if you want to experiment your photos with a plethora of filters then you can try it out

well apart from the fact that the interface is not that polish and it lags a bit get a plethora of filters to try well some of my personal favorite filters where are tone and glass and if you love your photos with filters only and only then you should go for this app because the basic functionalities like cropping or sharp in I would really not suggest this.

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This one is also a very simple yet powerful app to edit your photos the talking about the app will allow you to add filters to

your images crop them to square one add frames and then you can move on to fix this have also features extra filters which you can install and use it later on once installed the app now while using the app I founded the effects are a bit loud for my choice but then there are plenty of images out there which would justify these pics

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well, friends, those were the top 10 image editing tools that you can install on your android and if you think that we missed out on any of your personal favorites please to mention the name in the comments section.

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