Top 5 Android Tricks Unlocked

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Hey what is up guys and in today’s topic I’m showing you guys five awesome android tips and tricks to improve your smartphone experience before we start to be sure to subscribe

Jumping right into it the first tip is to turn on airplane mode  to either save battery or charger phone faster this can be done simply by heading to your quick shortcuts and talking airplane mode  not much else to it but it’s very useful   and you’ll see tips like these  would be a recurring theme throughout this series and also just a little side  trip I guess if you guys  going to charge your phone a bit faster if you just completely power off your phone and well that will also enable your phone to charge faster  the second



The second tip I have for you guys is   what a lot of people actually don’t know about so we all know the traditional way to access your quick shortcuts first one swipe to your notifications and another one to get your shortcuts well the trick is to use two fingers on swiping down from the notification sheet let’s go straight to your quick shortcuts  you won’t realize how useful this is until it becomes a habit for you next

Next is turning on unknown sources to install apps from outside of the play store this

Apps featured allows you to install apk  sand much more. Android look like .it’s running ios and in order to download the major apps featured unknown sources needed to be turned on anyway to do this

  • Head to settings security
  • And scroll down to you see
  • Unknown sources  just go ahead and turn it on

Not much   else to it but you cannot  stop apps from outside of the  play store


The fourth tip I have for you guys is to enable developer options to a   mock a lot of different things you can do with your device to do this

  • Will be in settings once again head down to about phone and scroll down to see build number
  • Just go ahead and tap it many times  until you see you are now developer

  Mere head back out to settings and for me  just above the legal information is  where I find my developer options once you’re in just be careful  to make sure you know what you’re doing before you turn anything on


For the last trick will be using developer options scroll down until you see window animation skill  the trick   here is that you can make your phone faster and more fluid by turning down animations be time you window and transition animation skills as well as animator duration skill as you can see I’ve turned them all off and my device just feels much smoother  that’s about it

Anyway that’s been aight guys if you enjoyed these tricks then be sure to leave a share and subscribe  enough to catch you guys for next time  also definitely stay tuned for more post from this particular series 

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